You Know Your Love Language is "Gifting" When....


The Five Love Languages

Ever read the book about "The Five Love Languages"? The idea that everyone has different ways of giving and getting love? We think that book might be missing a big one. Though receiving gifts is a noted love language, there are those of us who feel loved when we get to GIVE gifts. (Oh, hi. We are so raising our hands over here.)

As you might imagine, being a gift box company: gifting is kind of our thing. You could say we actually LIVE for giving. Creating that moment when they get something unexpected. When their faces light up. When they smile, squeal and gasp "oh my goodness!" Oh yeah, that's the good stuff.

Is this you, too? Here are 5 things that might be true when your love language is gifting...

1. Shopping Isn't a Task, It's an Art

The to-do list says "get milk at grocery store". But as you're walking to the dairy section, you stumble across the cutest mug, which would be PERFECT for that neighbor who JUST had a baby. But, like, you can't just give her a mug. So you end up stopping by three other stores to find a minky couture blanket, a bag of locally sourced tea and chocolates, AND a pretty coral and gold ribbon to tie it all together, because the neighbor is going to be SOEXCITEDWHENSHEOPENSITALL. Squeeeee!

And, of course, you forgot the milk.

2. You Have One Closet for Clothes...and One Closet for Gifts

There is one closet for summer clothes. One for winter clothes. And two (plus a pantry) full of "just in case" gifts. Because you never know when someone will be having a bad day, a baby, a bridal shower, a new job, an old job, a dinner party, a breakfast party, or maybe just a breakfast that could be more exciting on a regular old Wednesday. In any case: you are prepared. Gift wrapping closet full or perfect wrapping paper and ribbon combos, optional. (But you've got THAT closet, too).

3. You're Always Excited to Learn About a New Holiday

Every day is an opportunity to give. And you are obsessively organized about giving. Wakeup, makeup, check Facebook for people who might need you to drop a little something by. You've downloaded more gift-giving apps than Snapchat has filters. And maybe just maybe, it's possible that you've already written out birthday cards through to December; addressed them, stamped them, and filed them in a ready-to-be-mailed box with a Post-It note attached, reminding you exactly WHICH day they needs to be dropped in the mail for perfect arrival time. (Totally normal. TOTALLY NORMAL.)

4. Forget Netflix, It's Amazon Time

Know how everyone else likes to stay up late, watch movies and chill? Not you.

Glass of wine in one hand + Amazon Prime in the other = #bestnightever. Why watch a flick when you can spend your night hunting down the most excellent, super special, uniquest of gifts. Finding new online shops, scrolling through pages and pages of possibilities. Then scrolling again with a fresh set of search terms, just to make sure you've found the perfect something. Once found, you get the tingles, pump your fist in the air 5 times, and start tearing up just IMAGINING how excited they'll be to open your gift.

(We have no idea what this is like.) (Yes we do.)

5. You're Like a Matchmaker...for People Who Need to Pick Presents

Your sister calls to ask what mom wants for her birthday or for Mother's Day. Coworkers come to you for ideas on what to gift their lovers for Valentines day.  And when dad forgets about their Anniversary, you know exactly which gift box companies can overnight--just in time to save the day. Pick any occasion, and you can match the perfect present to it. You're basically a gifting superhero. Saving the day, one holiday at a time.

Sound like you? You aren't alone! We are passionate about gifting too and love helping you send comfort to loved ones far away. Click here to learn more about our handcrafted soup, beautiful boxes, delicious cookies, and scrumptious rolls speak the love language of gifting.

Gift Givers, Unite!

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