Your End of Summer Party Playlist

End of Summer Party Playlist

It’s August, and the “end of summer” anthem is playing loud and clear— from the back-to-school memorabilia that popped up in stores back in July, to the Halloween decorations that should be hitting shelves by next week, (seriously retailers, slow down!) it’s all most time to retire your novelty pool-floats and consider digging out your cardigan from the back of the closet. 

But first, let’s hear it for one last summer party. Celebrate the end of the season with your fine-tuned grilling skills, fresh produce at its peak, and lazy evenings spent under the stars. And since all good parties have good music, it’s time to add some new tunes to your go-to summer party playlist. Here’s our list of must-have summer songs that will help you ignore the subtle signs of oncoming fall for just a little longer…

    • “On the Low”- Tove Stryke 

This Swedish pop artist adds a little fun sophistication to any playlist, and you won’t be able to get “On the Low” out of your head after your first listen. The good news is, you probably won’t mind. Catchy and irresistible, but a little cooler than the stuff you hear on the radio.

  • “Better Not”- Louis the Child feat. Wafia

Celebrate summer romance with a song that will transport you back to your first summer love while magically making you forget any of that inconvenient heartbreak stuff. With a beat that sounds like it came straight from the beaches of somewhere fun and tropical, this is the perfect addition to any summer playlist, no matter where you are.

    • “Easy Love”-Sigala

With an irresistible homage to Jackson 5’s classic “ABC” blended seamlessly with an updated pop sound, this song is an all-ages crowd pleaser—from kiddos who are excited to stay up past bedtime for one last dance party, to the grown-ups that will appreciate just the right touch of nostalgia.

  • “The Middle”- Zedd, Maren Morris, and Grey

The perfect song to help turn a casual summer get together into a fun-loving dance party. “The Middle” comes complete with lyrics that are easy to sing along with and a beat that accommodates all sorts of dance styles, from the very silly to effortlessly cool hip hop.

  • “Famous”- Mason Ramsey

If you have any reservations about country music, this song might just change your mind. You’ll find yourself sing along after the first hook, but it’s simplicity and light-hearted tune won’t have you adopting as country drawl anytime soon. (Unless you really like that sort of thing, it’s your party…)

  • All My Friends”- The Revivalists

Celebrate your people with a song that will keep the party going late into the night while reminding you to appreciate the bonds that keep your friendships close. Another track that you won’t want to get out of your head, and the perfect tune to help you finish off the last of the summer sangria.

Share the Summer Love

If you’ve got friends or family living too far away to attend one last summer get together, you can still share the love and send an easy summer meal. (We’d suggest sending a mixtape, but apparently people don’t do that anymore.) Click HERE to put together the perfect summer dinner, complete with soup, rolls, and cookies, and we promise your friend will enjoy at least one more laid back summer night, no matter where they call home.