17 Mothers Day Gifts for the Elderly

Mother's Day
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Your mother was your caregiver; the one who tucked you in, mended your socks, cooked soup for you, and so much more. 

This Mother’s Day, put some extra thought into picking out a personalized Mother's Day gift for your elderly mom or grandma—something that fits her personality and makes her life brighter. 

With the perfect gift, you can show your continued care and how much you value her. Remind her that she’s special to everyone in the family in so many ways, and just for being herself. 

Mother's Day Gift Ideas for a Mom in a Nursing Home

Let’s go beyond cards and candy. Surprise your mother or grandmother a gift that will stand out in her mind and remind her that she’s loved. 

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1. An Electronic Tablet

Even if your mom says she’s bad with technology, it’s never too late to learn. A good tablet device is intuitive to use (and maybe an excuse to get lessons from the grandkids?). Choose and load apps onto it based on her interests. Try a video chat program that is easy for her to use so she can stay connected with you and other family and friends.

2. Ebooks or an Audiobook Subscription

Load ebooks or audiobooks onto a device if grandma loves reading. They’re easier to manage than boxes of books and can stay in her online library even if she switches devices. With an audiobook subscription, she can keep choosing new books she’s curious about. Why not start her off with one of your favorites—or even better, something you read together when you were a child.

3. Flowers

The latest way to send flowers is with a floral subscription. A company will send your mom new flowers each month to brighten her room with beautiful colors and smells. As the old ones dry up, she’ll get fresh new ones she can put in her vases.

4. Hot or Cold Pillow

Imagine a soft pillow or hot/cold pack that stays warm when you heat it in the microwave or cool from the fridge. It can soothe tired muscles or a sore belly. This can be a very comforting, practical, sweet Mother's Day gift for an older lady.

5. Basket of Beauty Supplies

A woman is beautiful at any age. Let Grandma luxuriate now and then with a kit of her favorite beauty masks, lotion, makeup, body sprays, and bath soaps. Do a little detective work to choose scents and colors she already loves—plus introduce her to something new!

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6. Fitness Watch

Has mom mentioned she wants to exercise more? Give her a nice-looking fitness tracker, which can even look like a normal watch. Set it up so it rewards her when she walks a certain number of steps. Connect its social features to family members—even friends at her care center—for a little friendly competition plus words of love and encouragement.

7. Extra-Comfy Clothes

One perk of care center life? Comfy clothes! Find grandma the softest, most luxurious robe or pajamas you can find for her to lounge in. To make sure she can wear them a lot (and remember you each time), pick a fabric and style for the season.

8. A Kettle

Does your mom love tea or other hot drinks? If she doesn’t have a kitchen in her room, get her an electric kettle with a lovely design on it. She just needs water. some tea bags, and her favorite mix-ins to have her own comforting drinks.

9. Books for Mental Ability and Creativity

If your grandma loves game books, like crossword puzzles, sudoku, and the like, find her some new ones. Or she may enjoy adult coloring books she can color alone or with others. Try to find some with enlarged images, since fine motor skills start to decline in older hands.

10. Magazine Subscriptions

Consider a magazine subscription on a subject she loves—or on a variety of subjects, as Reader’s Digest does so well. Find her the large print edition, if they have one.

11. Comforting Mail-Order Soup Kit

Send grandma a warm, thoughtful, and surprising soup package. Spoonful of Comfort creates cheerful care packages with full meals and other comforts that can be sent to nursing homes, hospitals, and care centers. There’s no cooking involved (just heat by the serving in a microwave). And you can customize each care package with nostalgic delights like these:

  • Homestyle soup (the kind she’d make hersefl!)
  • Yummy rolls
  • Cookies
  • A cute bedside bell to ring for “service”
  • Comforting, soft blankets and cozy socks
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Mother's Day Crafts for Seniors

Instead of buying a gift, you can make it, possibly with your children. These Mother's Day ideas for nursing home residents take just a little skill—but are filled with a lot of heart. And any of these gifts will always remind her of you.

12. Creative Picture Frames

Does grandma need a few more pictures of the family? Look online for picture frame ideas made of crayons, puzzle pieces, string, and so on, and have the grandkids make them together. Snap some pics of you all working together to add to the gift. 

You could instead make a photo bouquet or photo tree to hold a variety of smaller pics. Maybe she’d appreciate some vintage family images.

13. Scrapbooking Supplies

Your mom may enjoy putting together her memories, ideas, and new goals in her own way. Get her: 

  • A large scrapbook
  • Easy-to-hold craft supplies
  • Enjoyable labels and stickers

It could be comforting and fun for her to express herself creatively again.

14. A Window Birdfeeder

The grandkids can make a birdfeeder for grandma’s window using just a few items and online instructions. This will let her see nature a little more in her everyday life and put a smile on her face.

15. Jar of Memories 

What’s sweeter than candy? A bottle full of meaningful memories. Write several on little strips of pretty paper, and put them in a jar. Your mother can occasionally take one out and read about: 

  • A good time you had together
  • Wonderful advice she gave
  • A fun family tradition
  • A special thing she did that you appreciate

16. Jigsaw Puzzles

Did you know there are awesome puzzles for seniors? The large pieces are great for older hands. Encourage mom to complete the puzzle with a friend and enjoy more interaction. 

17. Memoir Supplies

Does your mom want to reflect on her life? Do you want to read the wisdom she’s learned? Get her a book on memoir writing. Or buy her a memoir service that gives her creative prompts on what to write each week and then turns it into a book for her.

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A Nostalgic Mother's Day Gift for an Elderly and Special Lady

“Soup in the mail?” With Spoonful of Comfort, t’s not just a unique gift, it’s an experience!

Your mom or grandma will be delighted by the cheerful packaging—and even more by the full meal inside. It starts with homestyle soup, rolls, and cookies (the kind she’d make herself). Plus, you can customize your care package with extras like books, blankets, tea, and more. Our Total TLC Package even includes a bedside bell!

Surprise and delight the special elderly woman in your life with a Mother's Day soup gift you pick out and customize yourself. This limited-edition Mother’s Day gift includes soup, rolls, cookies, plus plantable flower confetti! 


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