Create your own Gingerbread Village!

While decorating your cookies, decorate the boxes in your kit, too! You can use the icing and candies right on the boxes. Watch this video to learn how to turn them into festive holiday houses.

Decorating the Cookies

  • Cookies are fresh packed and perishable and should be enjoyed within 3-4 days. The cookies can also be frozen to be enjoyed at a later date.
  • All candy and icing are ready for use! To use the icing, snip the tip of the piping bag with scissors and drizzle or frost as desired.

Individual Cookie Boxes

To make a gingerbread “house” from a cookie box, lift the flap as if opening the box, but stop halfway. Keep the tabs of the flap tucked into the box sides. Adjust the flap to make a 45-degree angle when viewed from the side—this becomes the roof of the house! Use candy and icing to decorate your house, just as if it were gingerbread.

Shipping Box

Add to your gingerbread village with a larger building at the town center! Unfold the shipping box by opening the box and releasing the folded inner flaps that tuck in the slots inside the box bottom (do not cut any flaps!). Unfold and lay the box flat. Flip it over so the gingerbread pattern is facing down.

To refold the box, orient the box so the bottom of the box (the largest section) is closest to you. Fold in the two smallest tabs on the left to form the left corners of the box. Lift the left box side up and over the tabs and push into the slot to lock into place. Repeat on the right side of the box. Fold the top of the box toward you, tucking the side panels into the box bottom. For the roof of the box, tuck the tabs partially into the box to form a 45-degree angle. This forms the roof of the building. Set the box on its side so the roof is at the top and the front of the gingerbread building faces you!