Home for the Hygge

Starting at: $79.99

Oh no! This was a limited-edition item and we’re sold out. Instead, would you like to consider another feel-good find like this?

We’re saying yes to more time at home. And how could you not with a gift this extra? Plush socks and blanket for the comfort. Candle and matches for the cozy. Cookies and cocoa for the sole cause of treating oneself right. This is hygge to the highest power.

Your Home for the Hygge care package begins with:

  • Luxe cozy blanket
  • Softest-ever socks
  • Gourmet hot cocoa
  • Vanilla Cashmere candle (6 oz.) in linen bag
  • Designer matches
  • Six cookies
  • Personalized notecard

Campfire Harmonica

Campfire Harmonica $12.00, No Campfire Harmonica