Mini Sick Day Care Package

Starting at: $49.99

Sometimes there’s no better medicine than a caring gesture. This Sick Day Care Package is just what the doctor ordered. Cookies (because don’t they cure everything?), tea and honey, warm socks, and our own Cold Care Kit that’s got the goods to help someone soothe their symptoms. Ah, just knowing you’re watching out for them can sure make someone feel better.

Your Sick Day Package begins with:

  • 6 make-everything-feel-better cookies
  • Tea Trio
  • Raw honey
  • Cold Care Kit (cough drops, vapor rub, tissues)
  • Fuzzy socks
  • Personal note card from you
  • Shipping included!

Mini Sick Day Care Package

Did you just find out that someone you care about is sick? We understand. When they’re far away and you’re feeling a little helpless, there’s no better medicine (for both of you) than a caring gesture.

Try sending them a sick day gift basket that’s sure to brighten their day and help ease their discomfort. Spoonful has compiled a sick day basket that’s filled with a variety of soothing products and a soft and chewy stack of delicious cookies (because don’t cookies cure everything?). Your gift recipient will appreciate your thoughtfulness and enjoy each item as they rest and recover—in comfort. Just knowing you’re watching out for them is sure to make them feel better.


Here’s what’s included:

  • 6 cookies of one of the following options (Don’t worry, you can’t choose wrong—they’re all delicious!):
    • Chocolate Chip Cookies
    • Ginger Spice Cookies
    • Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookies
    • Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
    • Sugar Cookies
    • Snickerdoodle Cookies
    • Vegan Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Tea Trio fine tea variety
  • Raw honey
  • Cold Care Kit (Includes: cough drops, VapoRub, and tissues)
  • Fuzzy socks
  • A personal note card from you
  • Shipping is included!


Add-on Items for Your Gift

If you like what’s included in the Mini Sick Day Care Package but wish you could add an item or two, we’ve got you covered! Many of our customers enjoy the option of adding a little customization to their gift packages. The following are just a few suggested items from our “Extra Care” selection.

  • Pure Goat Milk Lip Balm: We all know what it feels like to be stuffy and to end up with dry, cracked lips. Ouch! Your gift recipient will appreciate this natural lip balm to keep their lips in tip-top shape until they can breathe easy again! It’s fragrance free and safe for sensitive skin.
  • Pure Goat Milk Hand Cream: This hand cream by Beekman’s is a real treat for the skin. It’s rich in vitamins and oh-so-gentle on the skin. Clean and simple. Just like country life. Your gift recipient will love the nourishing effects of infused botanicals and shea butter.
  • Get Well Spoon: This clever spoon is sure to put a smile on their face. They’ll no doubt be thinking of you and your thoughtfulness while they use it to sip some warm soothing soup or enjoy a cool refreshing bowl of ice cream.
  • Bedside Bell: This shiny new bell is pretty enough to sit on any shelf, but those who grew up without a cell phone knows it’s much more than a decoration. This nostalgic item is a fun care package addition for those who want the heartwarming tradition of ringing a bedside bell for assistance to live on.
  • Warm Fuzzies Plush Pack: Remember grandma’s vintage hot water bottle? This deluxe plush pack is the modern version for all the aches and pains a body might encounter—and it’s so soft! Heat it in the microwave or cool it in the fridge for just the right relief.


Customer Reviews

Sometimes it’s just helpful to hear what others think about their purchase. Thankfully, Spoonful of Comfort customers and gift recipients leave a lot of feedback for new customers trying to make a gift decision. Here is what a some of them had to say about the Mini Sick Day Care Package:

“The perfect set of treats to get a feverish person with a cough out of the doldrums!” -Barbara S.


“Perfect! Recipient loved the quality of all of it. Presentation, beautiful. Did just what I wanted . . . love in a box! Easy process, will use again!” -Jennifer J.


“Excellent & Fabulous. Sent this package as a gift to a coworker who wasn’t feeling well, and she loved it! Everything was put together so nicely and was great quality product. Love how thoughtful this company is and the detail they put into each care package as well as how quickly it gets shipped to the recipient.” -Nikki S.


Delivery Information

When choosing a care package for someone who isn’t feeling well, it’s helpful to have reassurance that it will arrive in plenty of time to be useful for the recipient. Spoonful of Comfort has an excellent track record of ensuring that care packages arrive in a timely manner. During the warm months of the year, orders with Standard Shipping ship Monday through Wednesday and arrive Wednesday through Friday. Express shipping options are available for faster delivery and ship Monday through Friday. Orders placed after 4:00 PM EST will be shipped the following business day. Care packages can be shipped anywhere in the fifty United States.

While we’re sorry to hear you’ve got a loved one who isn’t feeling well, we’re grateful for the opportunity to provide you with a gift option that will help them get back on their feet soon. Thank you for considering Spoonful of Comfort for your gift-giving needs.


Wishing you and yours an abundance of health, happiness, and comfort.

Your friends at Spoonful of Comfort