Mother’s Day Classic Soup Package

Starting at: $84.99

Please note that this package will now arrive after Mother’s Day. If you’d like to send an instant gift instead, consider an eGift Card!

Upgrade those Mother’s Day meals of the past (we see you, burned-toast breakfasts in bed)! Send a just-like-home meal every mom can enjoy, without the work and on her own schedule. She’ll get soup, rolls, and cookies with a pretty floral greeting. Plus, you can make your gift feel like it’s just for her by choosing the Mother’s Day accessories you know she’ll love.

The Mother’s Day Classic Soup Package includes:

  • Soup like she’d make herself (4-6 generous servings)
  • Half-dozen delicious rolls
  • Half-dozen indulge-herself cookies
  • Shiny new ladle
  • Floral Mother’s Day greeting card
  • A notecard with a personal message from you

Need this package with all gluten-free or vegan goodies? We’ve got you covered!

Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

A Mother’s Day gift basket from Spoonful of Comfort? It’s like giving the yumminess of Mom’s kitchen, the charm of an upscale boutique, and the love of those childhood macaroni-noodle necklaces all at once.

Our unique Mother’s Day gift will delight every new mom, less-new mom (your mom is never old!), grandma, aunt, mother-in-law, stepmom, and mom figure in your life. Surprise her with something different than flowers and chocolates—or send those along in addition to your own Mother’s Day gift basket creation!

After all, this isn’t your father’s Mother’s Day gift (sorry, Dad). A Spoonful of Comfort gift basket is sent as a care package, already perfectly presented in bright yellow boxing with tissue-paper touches. The five-star wrapping contains your custom mix of unique Mother’s Day treats.

Our limited-edition Mother’s Day gift basket includes her favorite variety of soup (pick from favorite classic recipes), a half-dozen bakery-fresh bacci rolls, and a half-dozen cookies (all amazing flavors—oh the choices!). Plus, you can add extra items to make your gift feel it’s just from you and just for her.

The Mother’s Day food gift is just the beginning, too! Spoonful of Comfort has a whole mom-closet full of great add-on items to make your gift even more meaningful to her that include but are not limited to some of the following:. 

  • Tea, honey, and a good book to enjoy. 
  • A “Best Mom Ever” bracelet. 
  • A cozy blanket and socks are great for cuddling up on Netflix nights. 
  • Little spa luxuries like hand cream and lip balm, or love tokens like jewelry and handmade felt pocket hearts.

Send a unique Mother’s Day gift that will wow your mom with all the things you love about her: cheerfulness, favorite recipes, extra-special touches, and nostalgic good times.

Mother’s Day Food Gifts

Food isn’t just the way to a man’s heart. A Mother’s Day food gift basket will win over your mom, too. (Who typically did a bunch of yummy cooking for the guys at your house, anyway?)

Spoonful of Comfort does Mother’s Day food gifts right—by starting with the recipes mom would use herself. Our company was created in honor of our founder’s mom and memories of her delicious, comforting chicken noodle soup. Now you can share that kind of homemade quality with your own mom—and she doesn’t have to lift a finger.

Spoonful of Comfort is a Mother’s Day food gift inspired by soups you’d get at home. Some of our favorite soups include:

  • Our original classic Chicken Noodle Soup never fails. 
  • Our Tomato Basil will remind you of weekends at home with grilled cheese sandwiches. 
  • Our Chicken and Wild Rice is like one of those “fancy” soups she’d enjoy with her girlfriends., 
  • Harvest Vegetable might be a little payback of your own for finally eating all that broccoli.

You can find seasonal varieties of soup for Mom. And yep—Spoonful of Comfort has vegan and gluten-free Mother’s Day food gifts, too. That includes vegan and gluten-free rolls and cookies!

Mother’s Day Delivery Gifts

Need Mother’s Day delivery gifts? We got you. Spoonful of Comfort started as a way to show your love and care when you can’t be there yourself. And people tell us we’re pretty good at it.

Every Spoonful of Comfort Mother’s Day gift is specially prepared for Mother’s Day delivery.

Our Mother’s Day food gifts are packaged and shipped to ensure fresh delivery. Our soup is flash frozen right in the jar, then lovingly surrounded by a special ice pack mom hug. These ice packs help keep the rolls and cookies super fresh, too. Thousands of happy and no-longer-hungry gift recipients will attest it’s a pretty slick system.

Mother’s Day delivery is handled by UPS and our Mother’s Day food gifts are delivered to all 50 United States. Standard shipping for Mother’s Day takes 2-3 business days (we’ll figure the ship date for you if you order your Mother’s Day delivery gift in advance). Need a last-minute Mother’s Day gift? Ahem, we’ve got you covered there, too. Order an eGift card for instant delivery to her inbox. She can choose what soup and cookies she’d like and when she wants them delivered.

UPS will bring your Mother’s Day delivery gifts right to her door (or her mailbox if her community has a fancy central station). We love delivering to rest homes, care facilities, nursing homes, and hospitals, too. Since our soups are already prepared, there’s no cooking involved—mom just needs a place with a microwave. You could even send it to her place of work!

With a unique Mother’s Day gift from Spoonful of Comfort, you’re giving her just a little taste of all the love she’s delivered to you.


Happy Mother’s Day to you and your mom,

Your friends at Spoonful of Comfort