Vegan Gourmet Meal

Starting at: $89.99

The Spoonful of Comfort solution for vegan gourmands! This selection of homestyle favorites is completely plant-based, flavor-filled, and BTW, gluten-free. As an easy heat-and-eat meal, your lucky recipient can veg out in the best of ways.

Your package begins with:

  • 64 oz. of sensational soup (4-6 generous servings)
  • Half dozen gluten-free, vegan dinner rolls / view nutrition label
  • Half dozen gluten-free, vegan cookies / View nutrition label
  • A ladle to serve up the smiles
  • Personalized notecard (added at checkout)
  • Colorful, custom packaging that’s a treat in itself

Vegan gift baskets from Spoonful of Comfort

So you want to send a gift to someone who follows a vegan diet. You’re in luck—we’ve got a specialty care package that shows how delicious a vegan food gift basket can be!

Eating well goes hand in hand with our vision of sharing nourishing meals that also give comfort. And for many people who work at Spoonful of Comfort, eating well means eating healthy and eating clean, too. That’s why we made sure our care packages include options for people who want to eat vegan or gluten-free.

Not only does our vegan care package include plant-based foods only, it shows how our company practices mindfulness around ethics and the environment, too. But more on that in a minute.


What’s in a vegan care package?

The Vegan Gourmet Meal from Spoonful of Comfort includes a full meal that’s fully animal-product free. The star of the show is our Garden Vegetable Soup. Practically a farmer’s market in a jar, this sunny soup features a bright tomato-base broth studded with what seems like every variety of veggie: carrots and corn, celery and squash, not to mention an herb garden’s worth of flavor. No wonder this gourmet vegetable soup is one of our most popular!

Harvest Vegetable Soup is nutritionally dense and tastebud dazzling. Choosing vegan-friendly foods like this make for a heart-healthy choice. The National Institutes of Health and other medical organizations find that plant-based diets may reduce the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer. Lowering the intake of animal products may likewise reduce risk for Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, and heart disease. Studies also consistently link vegan diets to lower body weights and body mass index (BMI). While there are oodles of veggies, there are no known allergens in the ingredient list. Just spoonfuls of soup your friends and family will love.

Vegan food gift baskets from Spoonful of Comfort also include vegan and gluten-free rolls and cookies. We get them from a local small bakery specializing in vegan and gluten-free foods. So not only do they know what they’re doing with vegan recipes, they make rolls that are flat-out spectacular. And the cookies? Let’s just say that our Vegan and Gluten-free Chocolate Chip Cookies are an addiction. (They might deserve a diet philosophy all their own.)


What makes ours the best vegan gift baskets?

Yes, we showcase gourmet vegan meals in these care packages. But they’re not the only reason people love our vegan packages. By thinking resourcefully and responsibly about the ways we prepare and package our products, we show our support of environmental concerns that often go along with vegan living.

For example, the cheerful yellow, green, red, and orange boxes used to ship and divide our vegan food packages are designed to be reversible and re-usable. They’re perfect for organizing drawers and cupboards, bringing a little brightness to an area, or re-purposing to ship gifts of your own!

You’ll also find other vegan-friendly and mindful accessories to add to your vegan gift basket. Our Soothing Tea Trio includes organic, sustainably sourced teas from the Art of Tea collection. Fun extras like socks, blankets, robes, books, or an herbal smudge kit will make your package more personal. Your thoughtfulness to think vegan means that much more.


Vegan Gift baskets online shipping

Sending a vegan care package couldn’t be easier, either. When you can’t be there in person to show your care, we can deliver the kind of meal and comfort you’d bring yourself. Our gourmet vegan soup is flash-frozen to protect its nutrients and ship safely anywhere in the United States. We use custom cold packs to wrap the soup container in its own icy hug, then seal it in a protective bag before boxing it up for shipping. These extra measures keep the soup cold—and sometimes still frozen—for its safe arrival.

When you order a vegan gift basket online from Spoonful of Comfort, you can choose shipping options for a 2-3 day standard delivery or get it there as quickly as Overnight Express Delivery. We use UPS and the United States Postal System.

Spoonful of Comfort ships Monday through Thursday with the exception of major holidays. Online soup orders placed on the weekends will ship the following Monday. Why no shipping on weekends? Our shipping partners don’t deliver to every address on every day, and we don’t want your gift sitting in a shipping facility or truck. By sending out orders early in the week, we can ensure your gift arrives in a timely and safe manner.

Please be sure to note that orders for gourmet soup gift baskets must be placed by 7:00 pm ET to ship that day. Orders placed after 7pm ET will ship the next day.

A vegan care package with gourmet soup is easy to order—and it will make someone’s day. Place your order and share some thoughtfulness with Spoonful of Comfort.


Wishing you and yours health and happiness!