How to Organize a Meal Train

When big life events happen, it’s the little things that sometimes make the biggest impact. When caring for a sick spouse, a new baby, or even just moving into a brand-new house, worrying about what to make for dinner can feel overwhelming.  If you’ve got a friend, loved one, or colleague experiencing a big life… Read more »

New Year, New Soups, New Site

What’s the best way to start a brand-new decade? With a shiny new website that makes it easier than ever to send friends and family delicious soup and yummy cookies all with the click of a button. We’ve made some big changes to gear up for 2020, and we can’t wait to share all the… Read more »

what is the proper way to eat soup

31 Appropriate Sympathy Gift Ideas

What is an Appropriate Sympathy Gift? When a loved one experiences a tragedy or loss, we often wish we could do something to ease their pain. Unfortunately, choosing appropriate sympathy gifts to help them through the grieving process can be challenging, especially because each person deals with grief and sadness in their own way. The… Read more »

Thinking of you gift box

Best Sympathy Gifts

If you know someone going through a difficult time, you’re not alone. In fact, it’s likely that at least someone in your life—whether they’re good friends, family, your next-door neighbor, or a stranger you passed while at the grocery store—is going through some sort of struggle.  It’s common to feel helpless while watching people you… Read more »

Holiday Shipping Cheat Sheet

Friends, we live in a world where you can get your groceries delivered to your house, and a package filled with your favorite cleaning supplies and designer shoes a mere two days after you order them. It’s a great time to be alive. It’s also a great time to remember that despite the magic of… Read more »

ETA help for EOY gifts

End-of-year reports, final quarter deadlines—and now you need a last-minute company gift? Never fear. Spoonful of Comfort has just the range of gifts and shipping options to keep the hectic weeks of December on track. If you haven’t already ordered holiday greetings for customers, clients, vendors, or staff, our gifts of soup and sweets are… Read more »

Holiday Gift Boxes: We’ve got Something for Everyone!

No seriously. Everyone. No matter how long the gift list, we are your one-stop shop for some serious Holiday merrymaking. Check out our incredible selection of seasonal gift sets, and spend the rest of the season enjoying quality time with friends, family, and all the Hallmark Movies your heart desires… Simply Sweet Wishes Good things… Read more »

Homemade Soup and Handcrafted Love

Christmas Trees are a big deal in the Wymer household. How big? We’re talking multiple trees throughout the house big, going out on the coldest, darkest, night of the year to search for the perfect tree big, make-the-Griswold-family-look-like-Scrooge big. This is serious holiday business!  For those who know Spoonful of Comfort’s founders Steve and Marti… Read more »

Spoonful of Stories: A Heart-Warming House Warming

Searching for a new house. Moving. Sometimes up the street, and sometimes across four states. Starting out with an organized packing system, and ending with boxes full of everything from old cords to priceless family heirlooms.  Figuring out how to get your favorite couch down a narrow flight of stairs. Deciding that your favorite couch… Read more »