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Watermelon Nacho Platter

Happy August! Welcome to some of the longest, hottest, clothes-really-should-be-optional days of the year. And with summer in full swing, the last thing you want to do is turn on an oven or put anything on the stove. No matter how delicious. Not even if there’s cheese involved. That’s right folks, it’s...


Take and Make Summer Sangria

We think a great DIY gift is anything that feels personal, unique, and creative. But we also love gifting something that feels both fun and useful—something a friend or loved one can use right away to make an ordinary Saturday night feel a little more special, or transform a casual Sunday brunch into...


So, We’re in Love with This Ice Cream Sundae in A Box

It’s official. It is summer. Solstice happened, the sun doesn’t set until 9 pm, and there’s officially no good television until September. Time to break out the ice cream! Whether you gift this adorable Sundae-In-A-Box as a hostess gift, birthday present, or just as a sweet surprise to a neighbor or...


Beat the Heat with This Adorable Lemonade Gift Basket

What if one quick trip to the grocery store gave you everything you need for a unique yet simple summertime gift? Something everyone—a party hostess, new neighbors, grandkids, those delightfully entrepreneurial minded nieces and nephews— is certain to love and appreciate. Well hey, good news, one quick...


Give Your BFF This Bridal Survival Kit & She’ll Love You Forever

Thrilled to see a best friend walk down the aisle? She’s probably pretty excited too, which means there may be a few essentials she forgets the morning of the big day. Here’s where you come in: ever the thoughtful gifter, you arrive prepared with a pretty bag full of the wedding day essentials every...


This DIY BBQ Sauce Will Win The Neighborhood Potluck

Happy summer, everyone! The season for eating every meal outside, grilling every type of food imaginable, and celebrating the summer holidays with neighborhood block parties, family barbecues, and last-minute potluck dinners with friends. Wondering what to bring to your next summer gathering? Whether...


Make Dad’s Day with This Minibar in a Jar

We’re crazy about DIY gifts—taking the time to make a one-of-a-kind surprise for a friend or family member is how we show love, and also how we celebrate life’s important moments. As DIY enthusiasts, we’re always willing to go the extra mile for the sake of creativity, whether it’s finding the perfect...


DIY Candles Every New Mom Will Love

Visiting a friend and their gorgeous new baby? Bring the new parent in your life this creative and hilarious gift guaranteed to spark a smile, (or at least a sigh of understanding,) every time they see it. These personalized candles can help “light” up those late nights for your friend and that cute...


Here’s a Gift Idea For the Coffee Lover in Your Life

Everyone knows (or is) that special friend who just cannot function until after their first cup of coffee. Said friend is perfectly delightful once the caffeine kicks in, but trying to reason with them before that blessed moment is just a little bit dangerous. Keep everyone safe and make a...