7 Gift Ideas For Your Away From Home Student During Finals Week

Finals week is approaching for many university students. Between exams, studying, writing essays, and completing projects, it is easy for a student to become overwhelmed with stress. A study by ‘Stop Procrastinating’ revealed that 64 percent of students worry that their exam stress is negatively affecting their grades and academic performance. Excessive worry about grades can actually make grades worse! This shows how students are sometimes stuck in a vicious stress cycle that can be hard to break without a little love… or a lot! Sometimes enough sleep and exercise are not enough. If you are the parent, relative, or friend of a stressed out student that may be far away, sending a gift can be a great way to help them de-stress and encourage them to succeed. Here are 7 ways to help your away from home student survive finals!

1. Rent-A-Puppy

spoonful of puppy

Dogs are actually good for your health and can help to reduce stress! A scholar at Emory University’s pet therapy program explains that cortisol (aka stress hormone) levels are decreased and endorphins are increased when people interact with their pets. Schedule a rent-a-puppy service as a gift to your student so they can unwind with a fluffy friend!

2. Massage

stress free

A massage is a great way to relax and destress. It is an effective way to release tension and allow for meditation. Mayo Clinic claims that a massage is a viable treatment for stress, pain and muscle tension. Releasing tension in the body will release tension in the mind. Provide your student with a massage in order to support them during this stressful time.

3. Send Soup!

spoonful of comfort

If they can’t be at home, let them eat like they are. Whether they’re homesick or feeling sick, send the gift of food and help your college student on their way to feeling better. Chicken soup and cookies can make a student feel at home again. For the ultimate comfort and warmth to brighten their day, order your soup care package with a personalized message for the recipient from Spoonful of Comfort.

4. DIY Care Package

college care packagePut together your own care package. Think of your student’s favorite foods, candy, or maybe music and movies that will perk them up. Knowing someone is thinking of them and providing them with some of their favorite things is a considerate way to help them get through exams.

5. Adult Coloring Book

stress relieving You don’t have to be a kid to color! An adult coloring book is a fun way to take a break from studying. It is proven that art can be therapeutic. A great way to reduce stress is to is take the time to be mindless and meditate. Coloring is a great way to accomplish that!

6. Journal/Agenda Planner

agenda journal stress freeA journal is a great way to release emotion and vent. An agenda keeps students organized and prepared. Try writing a special note inside the journal or agenda to personalize the gift.

7. Hoodie Pillow

stress pillow

This quirky gift is fun and helpful. The hoodie pillow allows for comfort and privacy all at once no matter where you are. This gift will allow a student to take a break from studying and listen to some music or take a quick nap…. without having to go anywhere!