Best 90th Birthday Gift Ideas

Birthday Gift Ideas

If your loved one is about to join the 90 Club, they deserve to be celebrated in a grand way!

Finding just the right gift for your 90-year-old can be challenging. Unlike previous birthdays, where gifts may be more practical or fun, your older loved one may appreciate something a little different.

90th Birthday Gift Ideas

The best gift you can give your older loved ones is time spent together. While that may not be possible, you can always make time for a phone call or video chat. As for other gifts, something to show appreciation for their role in your life and family, or fond memories of happy times may be most meaningful. Creative gift ideas include: 

  • A keepsake box
  • A multi-generational photoshoot
  • Handmade cards from the grandkids
  • Old photos, restored and beautifully framed
  • Custom jewelry
  • A mug with a personalized photo or message
  • A birthday book with photos of kids and grandkids
  • An engraved watch or pocket knife

From personalized gifts to gift boxes, there are many ways to make a 90th birthday unforgettable. 

Making a Loved One’s 90th Birthday Special

For most 90-year-olds, bringing family and friends together may be what they want more than anything. As for the gathering, they may want a small celebration rather than a big party. Be sure to find out which they prefer and make it happen.

Don’t forget to also give them a sentimental 90th birthday card to make the day feel extra special.

And, while you’re thinking about gifts for your 90-year-old, don’t forget about anniversary gifts for parents. Often, the same gifts that are meaningful to someone in their 90s are also meaningful for parents who’ve overcome challenges and stayed together for years.  

Birthday Gifts for All Ages

Every birthday is cause for celebration, but some birthdays are especially momentous:  

  • 1st Birthday: Gifts to celebrate the first year of life include soft books, toys, finger paints, and other gifts your tiny loved one will enjoy.
  • 21st Birthday: Now you’re (technically) an adult and can legally drink alcohol. Common 21st birthday gifts include alcohol or an evening at a bar. 
  • 30th Birthday: You’ve officially exited your 20s and are much more mature (in theory) than you were a year ago. Typical 30th birthday gifts include wine, treats, gourmet gift baskets, and clothing. 
  • 40th Birthday: The big 4-O may come with humorous gifts, like a funny mug or t-shirt. 
  • 50th Birthday: Gifts for people who reach the half-century mark should celebrate accomplishments without drawing so much attention to age. Ideas include books of memories, journals, a gift card to a favorite restaurant, or a heartfelt birthday card. 
  • 60th Birthday: 60th birthday gifts are all about comfort, such as pajamas, slippers, gift baskets, and home movies or photo collections featuring some of your loved one’s favorite memories. 
  • 70th Birthday: Your loved one will love getting photo books, heartfelt notes, and treats from you as they celebrate their 70th birthday. 
  • 80th Birthday80th birthdays are all about pampering. A gourmet gift basket, a home-cooked dinner, and a fun birthday party are all wonderful gestures.  
  • 100th Birthday: As with the 90th birthday gifts, anything that brings to mind favorite memories or has deep meaning will be deeply appreciated. One gift that could be very meaningful is to convert old VHS tapes into electronic files your loved one can view on a computer or other electronic device.  

While you’re coming up with a list of the best gifts for a 90-year-old, don’t forget to come up with a list of anniversary gifts for parents. Often, the same types of gifts that are meaningful to someone in their 90s are also meaningful for parents who’ve overcome challenges and stayed together for years.

How Spoonful of Comfort can help

Spoonful of Comfort has many personalized gifts to choose from that your loved one is sure to cherish. We also offer a variety of gift baskets full of comfort foods that are easy for older people to enjoy. Soothing soups, delicious rolls and tasty cookies are a special treat, especially if they get to share the meal with you.