7 Ways To Enjoy S’mores This Fall

S’mores are the best, full-stop. They make camping worth the bugs, make roasting your own dessert over an open-fire seem like a totally reasonable life choice, and there’s no way to mess them up. (Drop a marshmallow in the fire? Grab another one. Problem solved.) So while we don’t need to convince you about the… Read more »

Cookies on the oven rack

7 Cookie Quotes from Cookie Monster

We take cookies very, very seriously. It’s our job, after all! And whenever we need a little inspiration to remind us why we’ve made it our mission to make delicious cookies available to everyone, anywhere, we turn to the patron saint of cookies—the one, the only, Cookie Monster. Yes, we’re glad he tried a vegetable… Read more »

6 Message Board Quotes for People Who Love Cookies

Have you jumped on the message board bandwagon yet? They’re amazingly customizable, and the perfect thing for sharing funny, inspirational, and/or heartwarming messages with your family or visiting friends. Or, if you let your kids get involved, just another way for them to leave suggestions regarding what treats they need from the grocery store. But… Read more »

6 Soups to Eat When You Feel Sick

Nobody likes battling a winter cold, or catching the virus going through the neighborhood or office. But even if you’re diligent about keeping healthy, sometimes you find yourself sick in the middle of winter, with nothing but Netflix and sweatpants to comfort you. Well, Netflix, sweatpants, and soup, of course.  We’re big believers in the… Read more »