The 30 Best Gift Ideas for Corporate Executives

Gift Ideas for Corporate Executives

Oh, if there were only a spreadsheet to calculate the factors that go into buying professional gifts in the business world. You know what we mean. Finding an executive gift that reflects your company, but with more than just a logo. Gifts that are meaningful, but not uncomfortably personal. Something that’s thoughtful, but appeals to a variety of recipients. Believe us, our corporate customers have been there. And they come back to Spoonful of Comfort again and again because we do executive gifts right.

But it got us thinking. What makes a solid corporate gift in the business world? And what ideas appeal to a down-to-business executive assistant as well as a fun-loving board member? Our team of gift experts compiled 30 of our favorite gift ideas for corporate executives to share with you here. And there’s no spreadsheet required.

Executive Gifts: Know the Rules 

First things first. Treat your selection of executive gifts with the same smarts, strategy, and style you would with any other business decision. There are rules—both written and unsaid—that bear some thought.

  • For example, find out what a company’s gift policy includes. Some organizations (your own or another) have a value limit on what a person can receive. Some companies don’t allow gifts to individuals, but will accept a gift to the company or to a team. You might want to consider the tax implications of executive gifts, too.
  • If you’re buying gifts for people in your own company, follow proper corporate gifting etiquette. Generally speaking, it’s not appropriate to give individual gifts to people higher on the org chart than your own position—it can be perceived as favoritism.
  • A gift to the boss or a higher-level exec should come from a group of direct reports, team, or the company. Giving to people laterally or below you on the org chart shows appreciation for people’s work. But it’s essential that gifts are equal and inclusive. 

Then to make your executive gifts something special, consider these tips:

  • Make it useful. We’ve all received logo-laden knick-knacks that sit on a desk (or reside in a junk drawer). Valuable executive appreciation gifts put thoughtfulness and usefulness before blatant marketing. 
  • Personalize it. How can your gift fit that person alone? Maybe it’s catering to a personal interest or adding initials or a name. Genuine effort to show you thought about the individual can go a long way.
  • Include a meaningful note. You don’t have to be a master wordsmith. Even a simple thank you note, expression of appreciation or a brief explanation as to why you chose the specific gift means a lot.

And now, on to the good stuff. Our 30 Gift Ideas for Corporate Executives.

Your Guide to Executive Business Gifts

These executive business gifts cover the range of interests and budgets. We’ve sorted them into categories for easy reading, and you’ll find professional gift ideas for every type of customer, co-worker, and colleague. 

General Gifts for Executives

  1. Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

Know someone who’s a coffee fanatic? Giving a personal or team espresso and cappuccino maker could be a dream come true. It’s cappuccino just the way they’d order it at the corner coffee shop—and right there in the office.

  1. Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

The recipient of this mug, the first to have temperature control settings, will never have to drink a lukewarm cup of coffee or tea again. They can set their drinking temperature to whatever they desire, and they’ll remember you every time they take a sip.

  1. Leather Coasters

Whether they’re on a desk or a coffee table at home, stylish coasters can make any surface look more impressive. And bonus: no more water rings on the desk!

  1. Assorted Chocolates

You really can’t go wrong with a box of chocolates. See’s Candy has many different combinations to choose from to satisfy someone’s sweet tooth.

Executive Office Gift Ideas

  1. Rotating Skeleton Dial Desk Clock

This is the perfect clock to add some class to any office space. Plus, you can add a custom engraving, which gives plenty of opportunities to write something creative.

  1. Tibetan Singing Bowl

With sounds designed to put people at ease, a Tibetan singing bowl can make work breaks more relaxing. Plus, each bowl features stylish designs from the far East, from traditional to more contemporary.

  1. Bonsai Tree Starter Set

Growing a bonsai tree in an office can be an incredibly rewarding side project. These trees don’t need any prior gardening experience, just the grit and tenacity that’s built into every executive.

Fun Executive Appreciation Gifts

  1. Bop-It!

A game that’s as challenging as it is addictive, Bop-It! will give your executive a worthy opponent during their breaks. It can also spark some in-office competition to see who can get a high score.

  1. Rustic World Map

Know some road warriors (or I’m-taking-all-my-time-off vacationers)? This map offers plenty of options with different wood frame colors and even a space to leave a personal message. Perfect for self-made geography quizzes and daydreaming about that next trip.

Travel Gifts for Executives

  1. Passport and Documents Holder

Instead of fumbling for travel documents at the airport, jetsetters will appreciate this gift that puts everything in one place. It’s a must-have for executives who frequently travel for business meetings.

  1. Electronics Travel Organizer

Now business executives won’t have to hunt down their charging cables when they get to the hotel room. This electronics travel organizer has plenty of compartments to make transporting their devices a total breeze.

Executive Thank You Gifts

  1. Bookends

These eagle head bookends can add class, color, and regal aesthetic to bland bookshelves. This manufacturer even offers an engraving service so you can add an extra thank you message to help them feel appreciated.

  1. Echo Plus

Maybe that executive already has an assistant to take care of calendar reminders, but having an Echo Plus in their office or home can make life even easier. And unlike an assistant, this gadget will never roll their eyes at a request.

Unique Executive Gifts

  1. Desktop Chimes

These chimes by Zenergy are great to add visual interest to a workspace, create a calming atmosphere, or help someone refocus. 

  1. LEGO Architecture Set

LEGO always brings out the inner-child; these architecture sets provide a worthy challenge for all ages. After the fun of putting it together, this model of the Lincoln Memorial will look good on desks and bookshelves alike.

  1. Desktop Slingshot

For executives who like to have a little fun during downtime. This desktop slingshot is perfect for flinging crumpled up paper and other small objects, turning recycling into a semi-challenging sport.

  1. Metal Decision Maker

Sometimes office decisions (like who gets to choose where to get lunch) come down to a coin toss. But this Metal Decision Maker offers so much more than just heads or tails. It makes even the most menial decisions a fun exercise.


Executive Gifts for Women

  1. Leather Laptop Backpack and Wristlet

This backpack has the aesthetics of a handbag but the utility of a top-of-the-line backpack. It’s a great choice for traveling or for the daily commute.

  1. Marble Apple Laptop Case

Looking like a boss requires attention to detail. Giving her a marble-styled protector for her laptop turns checking email and hopping on to video conferences look like a regal experience.

High-end Executive Gifts

  1. Pocket Watch

Pocket watches are perfect for executives who want to add a little elegance when checking the time. And you can engrave the front and back cover to leave your unique message.

  1. Black Marble Tea Set

There’s a certain elegance to brewing tea in a pot instead of with a coffee mug. Compound that with the chic style of this tea set and you’ve got a recipe for an excellent gift. Throw in a couple of your favorite tea flavors one recipient or a team can try out right away.

CEO Retirement Gifts

  1. Madison Tabletop Bar

This elegant tabletop bar will draw all of the right attention in a home setting. The accessories included in this set will make anyone into a natural leader at the bar. 

  1. Custom Yoga Mat

If the new retiree is into fitness, you can give them a custom yoga mat with a meaningful message about wellness, or just simply the company’s logo. Plus, you’ll be encouraging mindfulness and relaxation, something they’ll soon have a lot of time for.

  1. Amazon Kindle Oasis

Now they’ll finally have time to read all those books they’ve collected over the years. Giving a retiring executive a Kindle Oasis can give them easy access to the books they can’t wait to read.

  1. Duffel Bag

Getting a departing leader a gift of luggage might be a little on the nose, but it can be the perfect executive gift for individuals looking to travel during retirement or at their new job. This travel duffel bag comes in a variety of designer colors and is completely waterproof.

  1. Custom Paper Weight

This glass art paperweight can be customized with your business’s logo or a personalized message. A memorable keepsake of an executive’s home away from home.


Corporate Gift Baskets

  1. Anchors Away Gift Basket

Perfect for those with a refined palate, this executive gift basket comes with cheese, crackers, sausage, and coffee. It also comes with two ceramic coffee mugs and a cutting board, so they can assemble everything themselves and enjoy it right away.

  1. Spoonful of Comfort Corporate Gourmet Gift Basket

A thoughtful idea, if we do say so ourselves. Our executive gourmet gift basket appeals to all tastes, genders, and ages. Spoonful of Comfort Corporate Gourmet Gift Baskets include delicious soups, bacci rolls, and cookies. A corporate gift account entitles your company to a discount, concierge-style assistance on bulk orders, and loyalty perks each time you order. Shop our Corporate Collection to see our variety of professional, delicious gift options.


Christmas Gift Ideas for Employees

  1. Leather Wine Carrier

Wine is a popular business gift during the holidays, so why not be a step ahead and give something to transport it? This elegant wine carrier can carry two bottles at a time, making it great for bringing wine to holiday parties.

  1. Personalized Zen Stacking Stones

These zen stones add a sleek aesthetic to any office while acting as a mindfulness and patience exercise during your board member’s break. You can also customize each stone to have a unique message when stacked correctly, or just leave them blank and let the rocks do the talking.

Customize the Perfect Appreciation Gifts with Spoonful of Comfort

If you’re looking to buy something for an executive, or even your entire executive team, check out Spoonful of Comfort’s Corporate Accounts. There you can fill out custom bulk orders and get corporate discounts to really wow the higher-ups this year.