How to Find the Right Gifts for Friends

What Are the Right Gifts for Friends?

The good news is that, for the most part, there are no wrong gifts for friends. Regardless of the occasion, your friend will appreciate your gesture of thinking about them and choosing a gift from the heart.

How Do I Make a Gift Meaningful for My Friend?

If you’re looking to give a meaningful gift to your best friend, keep their interests, hobbies, and your memories together in mind. No one knows us as well as our true friends. If your friend loves experimenting with different looks, consider getting her a makeup set. If your friend enjoys golfing, you could invest in new golf clubs or take them on a golf outing. Is there an inside joke that could inspire a gift?

The best gift for a friend may be an experience you can share. For example, tickets to see your friend’s favorite musician or a day at an amusement park can help you make new memories together. 

Food can also make for great gifts. If your friend loves cookies or cupcakes from a certain bakery, make this a part of their gift. Taking your friend out to their favorite restaurant is another great gift idea.

A personalized gift can build on their skills or profession. Find a fun version of a tool they use (like a really cool pen) or up-level their surroundings (a funky laptop skin? A themed cover for a golf club?). You might find a t-shirt or mug that proclaims they’re the very best at what they do.

Jewelry can also be personalized for your friend. Consider getting a birthstone necklace, a unisex bracelet, or a friendship charm with your name or initials engraved.

When choosing a gift with meaning, the possibilities are endless. 

When Can I Give Gifts to My Friends?

If you ask us, every day is the right day for a gift to a friend! Go traditional with a birthday gift or a Christmas gift during the holiday season. Or find all-new friend occasions like National Friendship Day, which falls on the first Sunday in August. 

You could also give your friend a gift just because. There’s nothing better than receiving a surprise gift! 

What Do I Get for a Friend Who Has Everything?

Finding gift ideas for a friend who has everything can be challenging because it may seem like your friend has everything, but that doesn't mean there aren't things they would still enjoy having.  

A gift card is one of the best gifts for a friend with everything. That might mean a gift certificate to a hair or nail salon for a female friend. A gift certificate to a day spa can make a great gift for anyone. 

Subscription boxes can make for unique gift ideas. There's something for everyone, from makeup and fitness subscriptions to meal delivery kits and pet boxes.

birthday box or care package can be perfect for a long-distance friend who has everything. You can include sweet treats like cookies and comfort foods to brighten your friend’s special day!

Making a Sentimental Gift Using Shared Memories

You and your best friend have probably made so many memories together! So why not use them to create a sentimental gift?

A framed photo with one of your favorite memories together can make a great gift idea. There are lots of ways you can use photos to personalize gifts. You can personalize a blanket, candle, or even a tote bag with a favorite photo of you two.

A locket with a picture of you two can be another good idea.

DIY Gift Ideas for Your Friends

A DIY gift can be a great way to show your friend how much you care. One of the best DIY ideas is a gift basket. You can include items like fuzzy socks, a good book, essential oils, a coffee mug with a hot cocoa bomb, a photo of you together, and snacks you know your friend would love. 
Another homemade gift idea is cooking or baking something for your friend. You could make them cupcakes or cookies. Or treat them to a dinner (if you want, we’ll do the cooking). 

Consider creating wall art for your friend. A quote or song lyric representing your friendship can be the perfect present for your BFF. 

How Do I Spoil My Friend on Her Birthday?

We have some gift ideas if you are considering spoiling your best friend for her birthday. 

Flowers, chocolates, a salong or spa gift card can make great best-friend gifts. To build even more memories, consider booking a full day at the spa to spend together. 

Be sure to keep milestone birthdays in mind. You'll want to put special thought into Sweet 16 birthday gifts and 30th and 40th birthday gifts. Jewelry, special keepsakes, and trips to theme parks or the beach are all great gift options to make milestone birthdays memorable. 

Birthdays are all about those decadent treats. Spoil your best friend with coffee or donuts from their favorite bakery. Then, buy or bake them their favorite type of cake!

What Are the Best Occasions for Friend Gift-Giving? 

In addition to getting your friends a birthday gift or Christmas gift, there are several other occasions when you might want to give something to a friend. Here are some occasions when you’ll want to consider getting gifts for a friend:


Get your friend an anniversary gift for their wedding anniversary. You can send them a greeting card, flowers, or a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant. 

Bridal or Baby Showers

If your friend is getting married, this is the perfect time to shower her with gifts! Her bridal registry is probably filled with great gift ideas.

Check out her baby shower registry if she is expecting a new baby. Although most baby shower gifts will be for the new baby, you may also want to do something special for the mom-to-be. A gift card to her favorite clothing store or Amazon can be a nice pick-me-up.

New moms will also appreciate homemade meals or food delivery after the baby comes. Our New Parent Package might do the trick! 

Galentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a great time to celebrate friendship! Consider gifting your friend chocolate or flowers for Galentine’s Day. And don’t forget a Galentine’s Day card with Valentine's message for friends

Get Well Soon

If your friend has recently had surgery or is ill, send flowers and a greeting card. Or consider sending a care package like our Total TLC Package


If your friend is graduating from college, congratulations gifts are certainly in order. A mug or something they can use in the workplace can make awesome gifts. 

How Else Can I Show Love for My Friends?

You don't need to spend much on a gift to show a friend or loved one how much you care!

If you have a local friend, spend time together going out for a meal, a cup of coffee, or a drink. A homemade meal or baked goods is one of the most thoughtful best friend gifts you can give.

If you have a long-distance friend, sending a handwritten greeting card or flowers can help brighten her day! 

Remember that true friendship isn’t about gifts. It’s about always being there for each other. 

How Can Spoonful of Comfort Help Me?

At Spoonful, we offer several care packages that make the perfect gift. Whether you're shopping for a co-worker, acquaintance, or best friend, our packages include comfort items like soup, cookies, and cozy blankets that could make great gifts for friend celebrations.

From our birthday care package to a get-well-soon package, there’s something for any special occasion. You’ll find plenty of Ideas on our website that the gift recipient will surely love!