Keeping In Touch With Grandparents

Staying In Touch With Grandparents

Being a grandchild of loving grandparent’s means there is something that bonds you with them wherever you are. In celebration of August 21st being Senior Citizens Day, here are a few ideas that you can use to keep in touch with grandparents, or just have fun with them.

Send them presents.

As a grandchild, you owe a lot to your grandparents. Whether it's a gift to help them overcome an illness or a simple personalized gift, anything sent to them is something special. If you have talent in art, then you can draw yourself and send it to them. Or, maybe get your beautiful mug printed on a coffee mug. When they have their morning coffee, they feel like they are having a cup with you. A card with a witty joke will bring them the giggles. The giggles symbolize the happiness that you and your grandparents have shared over the years.

Send them a voice message.

You can do this by sharing a voice recorder with your grandparents. When your turn to record comes up, share with them all the good things are going on in your life. Or, have them laughing by romanticizing over-the-top stories.

Show your creative juices.

If you have grandparents that aren’t scared of technology, set up a shared account with a photo sharing app. You’ll be able to share your latest pictures and videos. The important thing here is to post pictures of your life and share it with them so they feel like they’re with you even if they’re far away. Grandparents would love to be able to see your smile any time they choose.

Teach them how to use communication applications on their Smartphone, tablet or computer.

A video call certainly is an enjoyable way of communicating. It may be the closest thing to having a face to face conversation with them. Spend time helping your grandparents understand the latest technologies and you’ll be able to benefit from more frequent communication with them.

It does not matter in which way you communicate with your grandparents. What is important is you communicate with them.