Meaningful Last-Minute Mother's Day Gifts

What do mothers want for Mother's Day?

Some holidays have a way of creeping up on you, and Mother's Day is no exception. So whether you dropped the ball and plain forgot, had the intention of getting the perfect gift but didn't get to it, or what you planned fell through, leaving you grasping for the shorter straws of Plan B, remember this: the women in your life deserve their day—and so many more—regardless of whether you remembered or forgot. The worst thing you could do is nothing.

As we researched this article, we found several posts and websites that asked moms what they wanted for Mother's Day. So we sifted through them to pull out the common themes and subsequent Mother's Day ideas.

A Break From Responsibility

The most thoughtful gift you could put together for Mother's Day? Help mom! Many mothers wrote that they wanted a break from the responsibilities of being a mother. They wanted someone else to cook so they could enjoy a meal with their family. They wanted to sleep in rather than get up with the kids. They wanted someone to clean their whole house. They wanted to spend quality time with family members without having to plan and execute the whole get-together. Or, on the opposite side of the spectrum, they wanted their whole family to leave her be for some much-needed alone time.

Something To Cherish or Time to Rejuvenate

When asked about actual gift ideas, many mothers mentioned wanting quality time with the ones they loved, time to rest and rejuvenate, or homemade gifts from their kids that they could cherish forever. Other sentimental gifts include pictures or a heartfelt Mother's Day card for Grandma, Mom, or Sweetheart.

Can cheap gifts still be thoughtful?

Absolutely! A "cheap" gift means inexpensive, and some of the best gifts are inexpensive, like a drawing from your child, a heartfelt handwritten letter, or a printed-out picture. But, as we said above, for Mother's Day, many mothers wanted something homemade from their children and loved ones, something they could cherish forever. Below are some more low-price gifts for Mother's Day.

  • "Thank You" or "I Love You" jar - cut out 52 pieces of paper and write one reason why you love or are grateful for that person on each piece. Then they can open one piece of paper each week and be reminded about how much you love them, not just on Mother's Day, but every day throughout the year.
  • Fresh Flowers - you don't have to buy the biggest, most expensive bouquet to still get her something nice. You can get a small but beautiful arrangement from a nearby store or pick flowers from your garden.
  • Specialty Treats - think about those premium ice creams or cookie treats that she'd never get for herself; these make a great gift and tend to be reasonably priced.

What are some DIY ideas for last-minute gifts?

If you're determined to give your mom or wife something homemade, then dive into the world of DIY creative Mother's Day gifts. Or don't, and just take a look at the options we've listed below, along with a link to their tutorials.

What gifts don't require much time?

If you're reaching for one of the best last-minute gifts, you could be looking for gifts that don't require much time. We have a few suggestions you might want to consider.

  • Gift cards. They are fast, can fit any budget, and the possibilities are endless, making them the perfect gift. Choose an Audible gift card if the woman in your life loves to listen to books. Get her a gift certificate to her favorite spa or perhaps a better and more expensive spa. You can also give her a gift card to her favorite restaurant or to a new place she hasn't tried before (if that's her thing).
  • Meal delivery service. This can be completed online and takes all the decision-making energy out of the equation for a while, and it will definitely be appreciated.
  • Cleaning service. Whether you hire a professional cleaner to come in once or once a month for six months, this gift will definitely surprise and dazzle.
  • Memberships. Not all things can be slapped on a gift card and handed over in an envelope. For example, memberships. There are many out there for every interest. Choose one for her or sit next to her as she takes a look at them on her own.
  • MasterClass - access to hundreds of educational videos from well-known experts in their craft or hobbies; the gift of learning is a great gift!
  • Book club - a membership that lets the member choose a book from a curated selection each month
  • Subscription box - websites like CrateJoy have many subscription boxes that fit every niche imaginable. Find the one your wife or mother would like and subscribe away!
  • Buy Things from the Store: If it's in the store, then you can buy it that day and get it to her a little later. One thing you can put together rather quickly is a self-care basket. Buy a wicker basket and fill it with a combination of sweets, teas, lotions, soaps, Epsom salts, bath bombs, or face masks. Another easy item you can get is a paint-by-numbers kit that she can take a crack at.

How can Spoonful help me?

Spoonful of Comfort was inspired by a daughter's love for her mom—and we know a thing or two about gifts that a mother will love. We specialize in care packages with delicious soup, bread, and cookies—and you'll find nostalgic limited-edition and one-of-a-kind seasonal gifts, too. And if your last-minute Mother's Day gift is truly a last-minute effort that even overnight shipping can't save, Spoonful has an eGift card that you can present to your mother or wife. Maybe letting her choose the package for a day she'll enjoy it the most will be the best gift of all.