20+ Mother’s Day Cards for your Wife, Grandma, Daughter, Sister, and Mother-in-Law

A Guide for Great Mother's Day Cards

Mother’s Day is more than just a time to celebrate your mom. It’s a great day to celebrate all of the women in your life who have helped you become the person you are today. While you don’t have to get presents for every woman in your life, it is a perfect time to give them a thoughtful card.

Here are some of the best Mother’s Day cards for the important women in your life. 

Mother’s Day Cards for Your Wife

Forgetting your wife on Mother’s Day is almost as bad as forgetting your anniversary. If she’s a wife and mother, she deserves to be celebrated. Mother’s Day is an opportunity to show your wife that you love everything she does for you and just how important she is to you. 

Tell her that you love her while also promising her more fun in the future with a Mother’s Day card and coupon book. It gives her the power to get you to clean the house, rub her back, or even plan a romantic date night. Let this bring an extra spark back into your relationship and bring you closer together. 

Take your wife’s breath away with a Lovepop Mother’s Day card. These bright, unique pop-out designs offer a piece of art inside every card.

A Mother’s Day card should reflect the relationship you have with your wife. If heavy romance and flowers aren’t really your style, give your wife a light-hearted card that still helps her know how important she is to you. If she’s always helping you find things or you’re just looking to tell her she’s everything you need, say it with a card. These cards will help brighten her day, while still showing how important she is to you. 

Mother’s Day Cards for Your Grandma

Mothers have to enforce bedtimes and eating your vegetables, but grandmas get to spoil you with cookies and love. Show her you’ve learned from her example with this hug and cookie card

Your grandma might go by Gam Gam, Nanna, Oma, Grams, Gigi, or Meemaw. No matter what name you call her, she’s one of a kind and deserves to be celebrated. Make her day brighter by finding the card that matches her nickname. 

If your grandma has a one-of-a-kind name that is unique to your family, try creating and uploading your own design. By putting her unique grandma nickname on her card you will make the card mean so much more to her. 

For a more sentimental message, let your grandma know that she helped you and your family build wonderful memories together. 

Mother’s Day Cards for Your Mother-in-Law

When you got married, the number of mothers in your life doubled! Your mother-in-law has been there for you and your spouse through everything, knowing when to give you much-needed advice and knowing when to let you discover life on your own. Let her know how much you appreciate everything she’s done with this Mother’s Day card for your mother-in-law

For a mother-in-law that is a bit more artistic, choose a card with a unique design and a caring message. A watercolor-inspired graphic also works together with the messaging to help her know how important she is to you. 

Mother’s Day Cards for Your Sister

Growing up with your sister has made you the person you are today. You have a special relationship with her. You love her, but you also know she will cheat at Monopoly—and you’ll never let her forget what she did that one year at Christmas. A Mother’s Day card can help show the mother of your awesome nieces and/or nephews that she’s important to you while still sharing a smile about growing up together. 

For a silly, light-hearted card, try out this Bernie Mother's Day card. It’s sure to make her laugh a bit while reminding her of her favorite sibling. 

Even if you and your sister have states separating you, let her know that the miles between you won’t stop your love. 

Sisters are there for each other. They watch out for each other and teach one another. When things went wrong in your life and you found yourself turning to your sister first, a Mother’s Day card for your sister is a good time to let her know that she was like a mom to you or that she is your best friend.

Mother’s Day Cards for Your Daughter

Mother’s Day can be a great opportunity to show your daughter how much you care. It’s a great time to share your love and let her know you’ll always be there for her. 

Keep it simple with a straightforward pink floral design and tell your daughter how proud you are of her. This design gives a straightforward look without overwhelming with text, making the message clear and simple. 

For some people, cards are the best time to say what has always been on your heart. It can be hard to find the right words to really express what you want to say to your daughter, so let this card help. Tell your daughter about the amazing woman you know she is this Mother’s Day. 

For a bit more of a lighthearted feeling, try out this cookies Mother’s Day card. It can help you show your daughter that you love her with a cute and funny card. 

Don’t Forget a Mother’s Day Present to go with Your Card

The perfect card can be a good start for Mother’s Day, but it still doesn’t override a thoughtful gift for the women in your life. With this Mother’s Day Package, you’ll help bring the warmth and comfort of a homemade bowl of soup, without ever having to lift a finger in the kitchen. 

Each package comes with a delicious soup, from a hearty chicken noodle to a creamy corn and potato chowder. You even get to choose from a range of cookies to find the perfect treat for her. (We recommend going with the triple chocolate chunk cookie for those moms who need a decadent chocolate fix.) 

The Mother’s Day Package even comes with a new ladle that will remind her of the best Mother’s Day present any time she uses it. 
Sometimes you might not know exactly which soup, or cookie, or food she would like the most. If you still want to give a great Mother’s Day present without having to decide, get her a Spoonful of Comfort gift card. This lets her get the warmth and comfort of home while knowing she’s getting something she wants.

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