The Best Birthday Gifts for Dad

Birthday Gifts for Dad

The best birthday gifts for Dad are the ones that help him reflect on good memories, enjoy the present, and look forward with delightful anticipation toward the future. Regardless of what you want to give, the best gift will come from the heart, such as a personalized gift. These ideas can also be adapted to find a birthday gift for mom, too.

Making a Sentimental Gift from Memories

A photo album or personalized picture frame is always a winning sentimental gift idea. A nice photo would make a great gift for birthdays or even as a Father’s Day gift, but there are many ways to spice up the presentation if you want to do more than frame one for him. Consider the following ways you can change up gifting photos and some other sentimental gift ideas:

  • Themed collage
  • Create a slideshow of the photos of you and your dad together over the years—and enjoy watching it after a meal or visit together
  • Print a photo book that holds pictures from a certain time, place, or event
  • Take one of his favorite photos and get it engraved on a mug
  • Write a letter to your dad telling him about your favorite memory of the two of you or telling him how he’s changed your life
  • If your dad has any medals, certificates, or recognitions that aren’t displayed, take some time to find an excellent way to display his accomplishments since it’s something he probably won’t do for himself
  • Take your dad back to a place that has a lot of meaning for him, such as his neighborhood growing up or where he met your mom
  • Get him a DNA test kit so he can learn more about his heritage
  • Gather recipes your dad ate growing up or some of his favorites, and put them in a personalized cookbook

Experiences to Share with Your Dad for His Birthday

The perfect gift of a shared experience is a great way to celebrate the here and now of your dad’s birthday. It can create memories that will last for years and strengthen your relationship with each other. If your dad isn’t into “stuff” or he’s the dad who has everything and would prefer to spend quality time with the ones he loves, try to come up with a fun experience. You can enjoy it together, or go big and share a once-in-a-lifetime experience and split the cost with family members and friends. Consider the following things as you think about an experience he may like:

  • Does he like to travel or stay close to home?
  • Is something going on nearby that he would like to experience but would never pay for himself? (e.g., wine tasting, adult cooking class, car show, rodeo, demolition derby, personalized city tour, monster truck rally, swimming with stingrays, etc.)
  • What are his interests and talents?
  • Has he ever mentioned wanting to do something but hasn’t done it yet?
  • Is there a show he’s never attended or a restaurant he’s never eaten at?
  • Is there a concert happening soon that would pique his interest?
  • Would he rather do things in an intimate setting or with many people?

Use Your Dad’s Humor

If your dad enjoys the humorous side of being a father, then run with it! You could get him a shirt, hat, or apron with some sarcastic sayings. You could even make him the unique gift of an emergency pack of dad jokes that are small enough to fit in a pocket (think cards that fit in an Altoid case). Socks, mugs, wine glasses, sweatshirts, and personalized utensils (Dad’s peanut butter spoon) are also options.

A Milestone Surprise Birthday Party

If your dad has reached a notable milestone, pull out all the stops and throw a surprise birthday party. Team up with family members and friends to make it happen. Use his favorite colors in the decorations, make or buy his favorite snacks, and don’t forget to nail his favorite dessert, even if you pay someone to do it right. Consider giving people plenty of notice so you have a decent turnout. (There’s something really celebratory about twenty people shouting “surprise!”) As a bonus, have a guest book in which people can write birthday messages during the party that you can present to your dad afterward.

Birthday Gift Basket Ideas for Dads

Another idea is to create a gourmet gift basket or birthday box that screams “best dad” from the packaging to the contents. A gift basket would probably be a surprise, but it would be full of snacks and items your dad loves. Another reason we love gourmet gift baskets is that there are dozens of options available to order online, or you can build one yourself. The amount of time and effort you put into the gift is up to you. Consider the following questions as you start thinking about what should go in your dad’s gift basket:

  • Does your dad love a particular kind of snack or food?
  • Is there an item you can include that reflects his particular hobby?
  • Do you want your basket to have a theme?
  • How big do you want your basket to be?
  • Express delivery, or do you want to be the one to give it to him?

How can Spoonful of Comfort Help Me?

If you’re looking for a gourmet gift basket full of delicious food, Spoonful of Comfort has a birthday care package that your father will love as a birthday gift idea. It’s thoughtful, easy, customizable, and delicious. We’ve also got dad-friendly packages for other special occasions, like the Father’s Day gift basket or a (ahem) Man Cold care package.

Whatever you settle on, we hope that your dad loves the perfect present you pick for him and that your relationship grows stronger as you show him how much he matters to you.