Less Stress Package with lavender scented candle, Beekman 1802 hand cream and lip balm, white faux fur eye mask with tag with text "Do Not Disturb", and package insert with text "Experts Say a Little Lavender Helps Reduce Stress"

Less Stress Package


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Did you know lavender is known to bring relaxation, calm—and now, a good laugh? Soothe someone’s stress with aromatic gifts from head to toe, six cookies, and a meme-themed greeting. It’s starting to feel pretty good around here!

Your Less Stress Lavender Care Package includes:

  • Fuzzy, lavender-filled eye mask
  • Lavender hand lotion
  • Lavender lip balm
  • Lavender scented candle
  • Six you-deserve-these cookies
  • Meme-themed greeting card they’ll relate to
  • Bright and cheerful packaging that’s a treat in itself 
  • note card with a personal message from you

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