Scooper-Duper Ice Cream Sandwich Package

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Scooper-Duper Ice Cream Sandwiches


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We churn a limited number of ice cream pints each week. The calendar at checkout shows delivery dates for the next available packages. 

You’ll have a good “filling” about this Spoonful of Sugar care package. A dozen of everyone’s favorite chocolate chip cookies, plus four pints of frozen perfection. Mix and match flavors to create incredible ice cream concoctions. Now that’s a scooper-duper idea!

Your Scooper-Duper Ice Cream Sandwiches Package includes:

  • One pint of Butter Toffee Crunch
  • One pint of Chocolate Fudge Brownie
  • One pint of Mint Cookie Crunch
  • One pint of Cherry Chocolate Chunk
  • One dozen chocolate chip cookies
  • “Have a Scooper Duper Day” greeting card
  • A keepsake ice cream scoop to serve up the smiles
  • Bright and cheerful packaging that’s a treat in itself
  • A note card with a personal message from you

Because it takes special care to package and protect these special pints, discounts (including corporate and promo codes) do not apply to ice cream orders.

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