7 Simple Gifts to Give Your Friends Often

"Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity" - Kahlil Gibran

An important part of relationships, friendly and romantic alike, is to put in the effort to show how much you love that person. It is always nice to remind someone how much they mean to you and vice versa. If you have a friend who is far away, a friend who is sick and in need of a gift to help them recover, a friend who is a busy bee, or a friend who you simply want to reach out to- there is a gift for any occasion. Some of the most important gifts you can give are the ones you give often and for seemingly no reason. Although,  there is a reason of course- that reason is love! Here are some simple gifts you can give to your friends often to show them that you are thinking of them.

Pick a book you've read that you know they'll love. Inscribe a personal message and give it as a gift.

Mail a photo of the two of you if it is a long distance friendship. You can even turn the photo into a postcard! Love knows no distance.

Make a mix tape. Do those even exist anymore? Instead of going through the trouble of obtaining a tape player, try making a virtual online mixtape to share with your friend. If all else fails, burn a CD with their favorite songs or songs that have sentimental value to your friendship. The gift of nostalgia is always a great way to show not just you care, but that you remember all the great times you've had together.

Speaking of nostalgia- why not send the gift of chicken noodle soup? Just like what momma used to make. Or cookies!? You can't go wrong with the gift of food- especially when it is delicious. Try Spoonful of Comforts soup gift and cookie gift packages. Send soup today!

The little things: Help your friend move. Give your friend a ride to or from the airport. Remember their birthday. Love is in the details.

Make time for your friends: Whatever that may be. Such as a video chat call, a coffee date, or catching a movie together. Spending quality time with your friend is a sure way to catch up, learn more about each other, and have a blast together! The gift of you alone is a gift itself.

Say thank you often. Say thank you for all their help. Say thank you for how they make you feel. You wouldn't be who you are without that person, so it is important to remind them how much they mean to you.