The Ultimate Guide to the Best Team Gift Ideas

Lately, we’ve been seeing a lot of our packages going out to teams. Yes, there are still care packages being sent as holiday, birthday, and appreciation gifts. But we’ve also been seeing managers sending soup to lift the morale of employees working from home. We hear about “team lunches” via Zoom with each person enjoying a hot bowl of soup during the discussion. 

Team gifts like these lift our spirits. And it got us thinking about other ways people can support each other in the office. Take a look at the list of crowd-pleasing team gift ideas below.

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Cheap Team Gifts

The best inexpensive team gifts should be personable and positive. There are dozens of cheap gifts you can give your team for less than $20, like:

  • Coffee Mug Warmer Keep people’s coffee from going lukewarm with an electric coffee mug warmer. This way, your team stays energized all day long without making multiple trips to the breakroom.
  • Chill Pills Fill a mason jar with small candies and create a label that says “Chill Pills.” When your team gets stressed, they can reach for some candy to help calm down.
  • Soothing Tea Trio – These three soothing tea collections from Spoonful of Comfort is like giving your team a hug in a cup.
  • Stress Balls You can find thousands of different styled stress balls to help relieve stress and improve blood circulation and relax muscles. 
  • Snack Box – Grab your team’s favorite chips, candy, and soda and put it together in a gift basket. 
  • Blue Light Glasses Staring at a computer screen all day strains the eyes and causes headaches. Blue light glasses protect against this light and keep your team more comfortable.
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Cute Gifts for Team Members

From decorated chalkboards to whimsical desk accessories, these cute gift ideas break the mold of traditional mugs and gift cards. 

  • Potted Succulents Bring some color to the office with cute potted succulents. You can choose from a mini plant or an entire garden—whatever best fits the space of your team member.
  • Patterned Socks Whether you choose bright polka dots, stripes, or animal prints, patterned socks are a great way for your team to have some “business casual” fun.
  • Funny Desk Accessory Holder Add some flair to your team members’ desks with a funny desk accessory holder like this one
  • Cookie Comforts Package – Our own Spoonful of Comfort Cookie Comforts Package is perfect to share with your team. Send a dozen or more homemade cookies along with a personalized note thanking them for all their hard work.
  • Mini Sandbox Kit This is lighthearted, fun, and cute. Let your team imagine they’re relaxing at the beach or they can build a sandcastle to relieve some stress. 
  • Fun Paper Clip Holders Upgrade the boring paperclip holder with something more fun. These paper clip dishes come in various shapes, including a sink, hedgehog, or bird. 
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Personalized Team Gifts

Show your team that you’re really thinking of them with personalized corporate team gifts. Customizing a mousepad, notebook, T-shirt, or coffee mug with names or a team or company logo helps create a sense of pride and belonging.

  • Tote Bags Customizing a tote bag is easy and inexpensive. Consider printing a team photo or inside joke onto the bag. 
  • Tumblers or Water Bottles You can purchase water bottles and tumblers for next to nothing at grocery or dollar stores. Adding some vinyl or stickers is a fast and easy way to personalize them. 
  • Playing Cards Purchasing a customized deck of cards with favorite images makes a fun, engaging gift. 
  • Jackets or Hoodies Consider season-friendly clothing with your team’s motto or inside joke printed on it. 
  • Branded Bluetooth Speakers Now whenever one of your team members tunes into their favorite radio station or listens to music, they’ll be reminded of your team. 
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Occasion-Specific Gift Ideas

Whether you’re welcoming someone new to your team or saying thank you, these team gift ideas for work send the perfect message. 

Team-building Gifts

Give your team a boost in morale, productivity, or inspiration with usable gifts that can include a printed inspirational quote, mission statement, or inside joke.

  • Inspirational Pens A set of smooth-writing pens with inspirational sayings printed on the side are practical (and prized—watch out for those pen thieves!).
  • Motivational Poster A stunning image grabs attention. A saying or quote resonates with meaning to your team. Frame posters and pass ‘em out. 
  • Productivity Notebooks Give your team a boost of productivity by giving your entire team one of these productivity notebooks. The pages and ripe and ready for ideas, to-do lists, and meeting notes. 
  • Educational or Business Book Help your team better work together (and even have something to talk about over lunch) by giving any of these team-building books
  • Aim High Mini Basketball Hoop Bring some fun to a desk or cubicle with a mini basketball hoop. You can even customize the hoop with your team’s motto or company logo.
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Welcome to the Team Gift Ideas

Giving a welcome gift is a crucial part of onboarding a new team member. Consider some useful gifts like these for the new guy or gal: 

  • Onboarding Button Set These fun button sets are perfect for an employee’s first day. They highlight that someone is new to the team and can be pinned onto a bag or lanyard.
  • Popsockets Branded popsockets can easily stick to most phones or tablets, making it easier for your team to hold or balance devices. 
  • Portable Power Bank Keep your new team member connected with a portable power bank to stay up-to-date on the latest team news and updates.
  • Hand Sanitizer You can find sanitizers in a variety of bottle shapes and colors to represent your team or just have a little clean fun.
  • Desk Organizer Help your new employee settle in with a cute desk or drawer organizer. This will keep employees be organized and productive as they get the hang of their new role. 

Team Thank You Gifts

If you want to show your team how much you appreciate them beyond a simple thank you, consider these thank you gifts. 

  • Cookies, Speciality Cupcakes, or Sweet Treats On any given day, recognize great work by gifting a box of cookies (our favorite!), doughnuts, specialty cupcakes, or a jar of favorite treats. 
  • Coffee Sampler Gift a coffee sampler box featuring four different kinds of coffee flavors, all shipped fresh.
  • “Thanks for Being Awesome” Notebook Clear and concise, this mini notebook thanks your team members for a job well done.
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Christmas Gifts for Team Members

When you’re thinking about Christmas gifts for your team members, you’ll want to find something that everyone will love. These gifts are tried and true.

  • Chocolates Allow your team to enjoy some holiday chocolate with a chocolate box from Lindt. Rich and delicious flavors are a perfect way to show them how much you appreciate them.
  • Apple Cider Mix Let your employees enjoy a great holiday drink by gifting an apple cider mix. They can easily make the drink while at home and enjoy it with friends and family.
  • Essential Oil Diffuser For those who are interested in aromatherapy, an essential oil diffuser is the perfect gift. Include a few different scents to try like lavender for relaxation or peppermint for energy.
  • Touchscreen Gloves Keep your employee’s hands warm and cozy while still allowing them to use their smart devices with these touchscreen gloves
  • Gift Baskets Impress your team—and their families—with our unique food gift baskets from Spoonful of Comfort. It’s got delicious soups, rolls, and cookies that make for a great holiday meal.  
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Team Appreciation/Recognition Gifts

When an employee lands a big sale, completes a major goal, or celebrates a work anniversary, a gift will show how much you appreciate what they do for the company. Try out some unique team gift ideas like these: 

  • Movie Gift Cards Treat employees to a night at the movies with a Fandango or Cinemark gift card. Consider putting a little extra on there for some popcorn and candy in addition to tickets. 
  • Foodie Dice For the employee who can never decide what to eat, Foodie Dice is the answer. We recommend the Takeout Die to help decide what to grab for lunch.
  • Bluetooth Headphones Wireless headphones are a perfect way to help a team member block out the noise from the office and stay focused on work.
  • Phone Stand Phone stands provide easy access to phones and help your most productive employees do even more. You can even personalize it with a thank you message. 
  • Desk Treat Jar Find out what your team members’ favorite treats are and fill up a cute decorative jar with the goodies. Don’t forget the thank you card. 
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Gifts by Team

There’s no shortage of gifts you can give to your teams to make their job easier and show how much you appreciate them. Take the time to think about what type of gift could make their day-to-day responsibilities easier or that could help them relax after a long day.

Gifts for the Sales Team

Salespeople are always busy. They’re constantly on the phone speaking to clients, in meetings, or traveling. Any of these gifts below are sure to help you earn their gratitude. 

  • Meals for the family Go beyond appreciating just an employee. Spoonful of Comfort gift baskets are something the whole family can enjoy—a nice gesture to the people who support those long hours and sales trips. 
  • Carry-on Suitcase Help sales associates make their next trip less stressful with the perfectly sized carry-on suitcase. Any of the bags listed here are a great choice for busy salespeople.
  • Porter Bowl For sales professionals who are always on the go, the Porter Bowl makes grab-and-go eating mess-free and encourages healthier eating habits. 
  • Carry-on Cocktail Kit After a long trip, help your salespeople relax and unwind on the plane ride home with the carry-on cocktail kit. Available in a variety of mixes, your team member can mix a cocktail on the plane ride home without paying a fortune for in-flight drinks.
  • Personalized Luggage Tags For a faster exit from the airport, give a pair of personalized luggage tags that are easily spotted in baggage claim. 

Gifts for the Management Team

Rather than give your management team another coffee mug or potted plant, gift something that is useful, thoughtful, and professional. 

  • Business Card Case To help keep their business cards organized, give them a card case. Most can hold up to 20 cards and come in several colors and materials.
  • Throw Blanket For the late nights in the office, help them stay warm and comfortable with a fashionable throw blanket. There are hundreds of different styles and colors of blankets. (Here’s one of our favorites.)
  • Sheet Masks Bring some much-needed relief to your stressed-out management team with relaxing sheet masks. You’ll find these in most beauty supply stores at a low price.
  • Bottle of Wine If your team member is someone who loves wine, give them a bottle as a token of your appreciation. To help them find their next great flavor, consider giving them a Winc gift card where they can try several great wines every month. 
  • Eyeglass Holder Save them the trouble of searching for their glasses on a cluttered desk with a decorative eyeglass holder. 
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Spoonful of Comfort for the Ultimate Team Gift Ideas

Yes, we’re a little biased. But you can’t beat the thoughtfulness and attention to detail that comes from a Spoonful of Comfort corporate package. Our soup packages are the go-to classics, but we continually update our offerings with seasonal specialties and limited-edition gifts. Plus, any company can open a free corporate account to receive a discount, bulk ordering, and concierge-style gift management.

There’s no easier way to give a thoughtful gift, no matter the occasion. Order something memorable for your workers today.

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